GB2CW Verulam ARC Morse code Radiotelegraphy tuition.
Sundays 8:00pm local time 145.250 MHz FM St Albans UK
Winter time only, excluding the Festive season. 73 G4PVB

Verulam ARC weekly nets +/- 5kHz if QRM:

Sunday 11:45am 7.180MHz LSB

Sunday 2:00pm 145.400MHz FM

Sunday 2:15pm GB3VH repeater

Sunday 8:30pm Morse conversation
50.040MHz CW send QRS for slow

Tuesday 7:45pm 3.750MHz LSB

Tuesday 8:00pm 145.400MHz FM

Tuesday 8:15pm GB3VH repeater

Suggestions for alternative nets welcome via above e-mail.