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Mariana Peneva
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Free Photo In-Tuition Tips

1) When photographing a group of people there will usually be at least one person with their eyes closed due to blinking. To overcome this tell the group that you will count back from three: "Three, two, one OPEN!" They open their eyes, you wait one second, then take the shot.

2) Be Street Wise: When out and about with your camera use plain strap without manufacturer's name. That way you are less likely to be accosted for your equipment. I also use abrasive wet/dry paper to erase manufacturer's name from my lens caps. I tried black marker pen but it soon rubs off so abrasive paper is best. Don't go around advertising: "Mug me !" Stay safe.

3) If using a compact camera always use the wrist strap.

4) How do you tell a fake Nikon 55mm lens cap from a geniune Nikon 55mm lens cap? You can't...Nikon don't make a 55mm lens cap.

5) How do you tell a professional photographer from an amateur photogrpaher? The professional photographer has dirty knees.

6) Get yourself 200MB of free web hosting to create an online album like this from  Free is a currency we all understand.

7) For optimum viewing of photographs on a web page toggle F11 to display Full Screen.

8) Street Photography: Fit a 7DayShop StrapMate to the tripod socket on your camera then wear an extended strap over your left shoulder with the camera resting against your right hip. Convenient, discrete and safe.

9) Even out harsh contrasts when shooting with natural light by positioning a large sheet of white paper or card to reflect the incoming light onto the unlit side of your subject. If shooting people, ask them to hold the card themselves outside of the framed shot.

10) Learn to appreciate overcast days. Their diffused light can make for increased colour saturation in your images.

11) Free Photography School
Picasa free basic image editing but I don't like it so I use:
Gimp free professional image editing software

12) Hang a carry bag from your tripod to enhance it's stability.

13) Red eye, in photography, has to do with the lighting conditions just before the picture is taken. In low light conditions, where a flash is necessary, your pupils are wide open. Then when the flash goes off, your pupils do not have chance to close down to adjust to the brighter light and the flash light is reflected off your retinas, which is red eye. Red eye is a picture of a person's retinas. The best way to avoid it is to have photographs made in a fairly bright room, or look at a bright light right before the picture is made, in order to close down your pupils before the flash goes off. Some cameras have a two flash setting which serves to close down the pupil with flah number one before the second flash takes the photo.

14) Alternatively...Forget about using a flash. This will flatten the image and take away the interesting details of your subject. Instead, put your subject near a window or larger light source.

15) To reduce body movement and therefore help avoid camera shake causing a blurry image: If you can slow breathe, do it. (Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale halfway, hold, shoot, exhale completely - this is a well proven rifle sniper technique.) Alternativley, setting the self timer can help to eliminate any movement from pressing the shutter release. This is one of the best ways to avoide camera shake. I usually use 2 seconds of self timer.

16) I find that when using a long lens, I hold the camera in my right hand and push down gently while supporting the lens with my left hand and pushing UP gently. Gives nice added support.

17) Don't hold the camera from its sides. One hand cradles the lens, the other rests on the camera with a finger ready to half depress or trigger the shutter button.

18) Plant your feet apart for a steady stand, one in front.

19) If you can lean/brace against a wall, post a fence or a tree, do it; make a tripod out of your own body.

20) An old rule of thumb developed from practice for 35mm film photography, before VR technology says that one can shoot, safely, with shutter speeds around the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens mounted; for 50mm, 1/50 sec; 105mm at 1/125 sec; etc.

21) Get a rubber eyecup for the viewfinder. Helps to avoid stray light coming into the pentaprism; comfortable for eyeglass wearers and avoids eyeglasses scratching; but more important, by pressing it against your eye you provide one extra point of contact, therefore additional support.

22) If a photograph fails to load properly in a web page press F5 to refresh.

23) 50 Free Photography Lessons You Should Take For Fun: PHOTOGRAPHY COLLEGES

24) Garage Glamour often means: Improvised studio, make most of available natural light e.g. white paper/card for reflector, basic prime lens, composition more important than equipment.

25) Photo Couture: The business of composing, creating and presenting highly fashionable, usually custom-themed, photographs of women.

26) Boudoir Photography: A crafted CD-ROM album that reflects the best images of a young lady for her to keep and pass on to her loved ones and/or e-mail to her soldier fiancÚ/husband overseas. "This is what's waiting for you for when you return home darling."

27) Position and weather for moon photography use: Moon Giant and AccuWeather (St Albans)

28) Custom SLR is looking for contributors. Send us a photography tip, blog post, or video tutorial for a chance to be featured in our email newsletter or on our social media accounts. We are accepting submissions on a continuing basis. Email us at

29) GIMP - General Image Manipulation Program. Free and ideal for punishing pixels ! ;)

30) Digital Camera World | The Photographer Academy | Free Photo Tips

"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved."
Ansel Adams landscape photographer

I hope that this site shows that you do not need to buy the most expensive cameras to achive high quality results. Please note: I can take constructive praise... honest ! ;) Regards from Lensman Bob.